PDF to PowerPoint by Flyingbee App Reviews

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fast but you can only do the first 2 pages of a pdf

the function to choose which page of your pdf document doesnt work. ok if you have a 2 page document… sigh.. this had so much hope.

Very disappointing

I have a PDF that is 20 pages long and this app would only convert two pages at a time. Then the pages that were converted did not turn out correctly. After two attempts, I have deleted this app. :-(

Great PDF to Powerpoint Converter

The converter is easy to use. I like the feature that it can convert PDF files to Powerpoint. For me, it is very practical because I have to do a lot of report and presentation in my daily work. Great design~!

Happy to use it

I’m very pleased to use this app. I used it to convert a training course material to powerpoint. It helps me a lot. Without it, I need to spent more time in collecting related information and type them in ppt files manually. But now, the inconvenience goes away. Very happy to use this app.


I’ve used many apps,pdf to word, image to pdf, pdf to text, pdf to rtf, ect. About pdf to powerpoint, I rarely use. I think converting from pdf to powerpoint is not so easy because the text in the word file needs to be presented in the specified position of the powerpoint file. But when I use this app, my worries is proved to be redundant. The convertion is fast and excellent. Format and layout are well retained in the ppt files. Great!

Practical and convenient

The app is practical, I used it to convert a pdf file with two pages. The conversion is fast and the interface is simple. However, if the pdf file contains scanned images, the conversion is not so satisfying. Hope the developers could make improvement later.

doesn’t convert the pictures

I had a simple pdf document with text and pictures and for some odd reason it didn’t import the picture instead it came in a sold black box, and the text was completely skewed and not even remotely close to what the original looked it. I immediately deleted the app.

Presentation comes easy

The app make my presentation come easy. By using it, I don’t need to speand more time typing words in a ppt files. Wonderful design!

Just OK

This app is good for it can convert PDF files to editable PPT files, for presentation or reports, it cann’t be better any more. Very convenient! However,it is not perfect, the conversion is not always satisfying when the original PDF files contain many images, tables or lines. Expect the improvement later.

From PDF to PPT

This app makes me believe that a PDF file can also be converted to an editable PPT file. In the past, when I want to realize this, I have to copy some text that I need from PDF files by all means, and then paste it to Office Word, at last, edit it in PPT files. The procedure is so complicated that I need to take a long time to prepare a material for making a presentation. Now everythings becomes better~ By using this app, I can make the complicated procedure simpler and quicker, even in several seconds. To my surprise, the converted file has well-preserved format and layout, only needs little manual adjustment. What a wonderful design, I love it~!

Does not convert to text

This app will convert the file, but will retain any text image without converting to text. Therefore, unhelpful.

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